Anonymous Youth Sports rating and feedback platform

AnonRatings enables youth sports participants and their parents to give honest, open feedback about their coaches and their experience at sports tournaments, facilities, camps, parties and clinics.

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Get honest, open feedback about your coaches all season long. Parents and athletes will keep you provide real ratings because our surveys are anonymous there will be no fear of repercussions


Don't wait until your camps are over. It's too late then. Address any issues while camp is still going on. Find out if they will be returning to your next camp an if not, why?


Are players and their parents satisfied with what they learned and how skills improved during and after your clinic? Find out so you can keep improving your clinics


Tournaments are a key revenue generator for you. You have teams traveling that you may not have access to otherwise. Make sure they are satisfied and keep teams and players returning year after year!


You rent your facilities out for parties. This is an excellent source of income. Do you know how the guests of the party (especially those you don't know) felt about the party? Make sure they are happy. These are your future customers!


Every aspect of your facility is an opportunity to improve your reputation. Is it well lit? Is there enough equipment? How's the parking? Are the restrooms clean? Is the cost a good value? This vital feedback can keep your facility packed!

Organizations Using AnonRatings