Anonymous Coach rating and feedback platform

AnonRatings enables youth sports participants and their parents to give honest, open feedback about their coaches without fear of repercussions and to complete surveys about their experience at sports tournaments, facilities, camps, and clinics.

The only 100% anonymous sports participant rating and feedback platform

How it works?


Parents Get

  • Easy to use ratings and feedback survey
  • 100% anonymous, no information recorded other than survey responses
  • Rate coach, tournament, facility, league and clinic qualities from 1 to 5 stars
  • Free form text review
  • Survey always available

Admin gets

  • Detailed Reports and Graphs
  • Sentimental analysis of the reviews
  • Customize qualities you want rated
  • Analysis and summary of all responses
  • View individual ratings and feedback survey
  • Results by coach, tournament, facility, league, clinic and party
  • Trend line showing changes over time
  • Email alerts when new surveys are completed

Legendary hitting coach Joe "The Hit Doctor" Barth on the importance of anonymous feedback